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¿Tu peludo tiene problemas de glándulas anales? FiRM UP es tu gran aliado

Does your furry friend have anal gland problems? FiRM UP is your great ally

Does your furry friend have anal gland problems? FiRM UP is your great ally

If you have a dog with anal gland problems, you already know how unpleasant this stinky nuisance is. However, perhaps you didn't know that FiRM UP! Pumpkin can help you solve this problem easily and conveniently. In addition, you will save frequent visits to the vet.

To start, let's talk a little about this problem. The anal glands of dogs have a main function which is to lubricate the rectum for better defecation, but if they do not function correctly they can cause discomfort and even infections in our dog. Although furry dogs generally empty their anal glands on their own, it may happen that they have difficulties doing so, such as age, pregnancy or other circumstances. There are also breeds more likely to have this problem than others.

When the anal glands are not emptied naturally during defecation, they become painful for the dog, they are itchy or stinging and, above all, they produce a very bad odor (surely if you have this problem you know what we mean). This can lead to chronic infection and, in some extreme cases, conventional veterinarians will surgically remove the glands.

If you see your dog scratching his backside on the floor, licking it a lot or even biting it, or seems uncomfortable sitting down, he may have an anal gland problem.

So why FiRM UP! Can Pumpkin help solve this problem naturally? Well, because for the anal glands to function correctly, your pet will need a high intake of fiber, a problem solved thanks to the pumpkin and apple pectin contained in FiRM UP! in a high concentration. If you use it regularly with your pet, in a few weeks you will see a clear improvement in the anal gland problem.

As we have seen, diet plays a very important role in gland problems, and commercially processed foods such as feed and even some raw foods lack fiber and/or plant parts. Thanks to FiRM UP! You will give adequate fiber and promote good thrust with wide expansion of the anus during defecation, which in turn helps to empty the anal glands naturally. This is good for your pet and for you, since you will no longer have to spend time going to the vet to have them emptied nor will you have to endure such a horrible smell.

Also, thanks to FiRM UP! Pumpkin will improve your pet's gastrointestinal health, avoiding diarrhea and constipation and strengthening its immune system.