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The best for your pet. Original supplements. Simple. Effective.

Many of you ask us how the idea of ​​importing Super Snouts supplements came about. Well, we'll tell you: we are friends of the founders of the company, and on a pleasure trip to the USA in 2015, one of them proposed the idea of ​​bringing their products to Europe. Our answer was…why not? And what started as a hobby has become our job and our passion.

This is no coincidence, since we love pets and since 2017 we have been seeing how the health of dogs and cats improves with these wonderful supplements. We are a family business that believes in teamwork (we love the community we have created) and that does not prioritize selling but improving the health and quality of life of our four-legged companions.

We always work to look for products of the highest quality and that do not have much presence on this side of the pond, striving to disseminate and explain at all times any questions or queries that may arise. Honesty, excellence and affection are our hallmarks, and thanks to your support we will continue to focus on original and effective products that improve the lives of our life partners.