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La calabaza: un súper alimento para perros y gatos

Pumpkin: a super food for dogs and cats

Pumpkin: a super food for dogs and cats

Pumpkin has many benefits for pets, so adding it daily to their diet will provide them with numerous benefits that you will begin to see in the short term. If you want to try the positive effects of this superfood, a proven successful product is FiRM UP! Pumpkin, a 100% natural supplement that helps in the following cases:

  • It provides a large amount of fiber that acts as a gastrointestinal regulator: diarrhea and constipation problems can be solved if you add pumpkin to your dog or cat's diet. Gastrointestinal problems caused by stress, improper food intake, diet transition... will be solved thanks to the dietary fiber in pumpkin that moistens obstructions and absorbs excess water and stomach acids.
  • Improves urinary health in dogs and cats: the natural oils in pumpkin help the urinary tract function better in kidney and bladder stone problems.
  • Eliminate parasites from your pet naturally: pumpkin seeds contain natural amino acids that act as agents against tapeworms and other intestinal parasites.
  • Provides vitamins and nutrients: pumpkin has high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and beta-carotene. These, along with the anti-oxidants it also contains, are an effective help against cancer and other diseases in your pet, providing better health and well-being.
  • Moisturizes Skin Naturally: The antioxidants and fatty acids found in pumpkin help moisturize your pet's skin. Antioxidants, along with vitamin C, also benefit your immune system, adding electrolytes and potassium essential for muscle contraction recovery.
  • Promotes the natural emptying of the anal glands: thanks to the hardening of the feces caused by the pumpkin fiber, your pet will naturally empty its glands.
  • Helps control the weight of your dogs and cats: The fiber in pumpkin makes pets feel fuller in smaller amounts of food, allowing them to enjoy a tasty treat, while allowing owners better control of the weight of your pets. Plus, pumpkin is low in calories.
  • Helps eliminate hairballs: cats spend a third of the day grooming, a task that causes them to swallow hundreds of hairs. What happens when the feline is not able to eliminate them afterwards, something quite common? The result is that the hair becomes matted and hardens in the stomach, with serious risk to its health. Pumpkin adds fiber, and again, this ingredient helps the cat expel hair trapped in the stomach.

FiRM! UP Pumkin is a food supplement that has a high concentration of horseradish and apple pectin, so you will see the benefits much sooner than normal. In addition, it has an expiration period of two years, so you can use it whenever you want and wherever you want. Find it in your nearest store:

Source: Photo: Photo by drake lelane Foter CC BY-NC